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Just the Right Amount of Botox

My technician was amazing. she did just the right...

My technician was amazing. she did just the right amount of botox in just the right places on my forehead and around my eyes to help the fine lines. That is the trick.


I agree with you-I really think the "less is more" approach is the way to go. I have a hard time understanding why Dr.'s are pumping so much of this stuff into us when they don't know how it is going to affect a person. The first two times I went I feel I was way over Botoxed. The reason I say this is because the new person I go to can achieve the same (better) results with half as much. Actually less than half-it still worries me that you can have Botox for years anbd then all of a sudden end up with a problem. I think it may have something to do with different medication people are taking prior to being injected. I read so many reviews and am still amazed that when WOMEN have a sour out come they blame it on a stroke or some facial injury-please ladies if you care at all about anyone-if this stuff hurts you tell the people you care about most-don't hide the fact that you wish to look younger and then complain when something goes wrong and you can't find other complaints like yours-could you all be liars?
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Julie Davis

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