Set to Have Gastric Bypass in May 2011 - Charleston, WV

I have been overweight for as long as I can...

I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. I currently weigh in at 359. My insurance requires I work with a Doctor, other then my surgeon for 6 consecutive months to try and lose weight, they want to see that I am willing to put forth the effort to lose weight. My 6 month will be in April. My surgeon said my surgery should be sometime in May. I am super excited. I even quit smoking (which was super hard) but I knew if I didn't quit they wouldn't do my surgery. Plus why do something to improve ones health when they are doing something else to shorten it???

Anyhow, my husband had Gastric Bypass back in Jan. 2003 and has lost 200+ lbs....He didn't have any problems what so ever. He has been able to keep his weight off!! I am very proud of him. Wish me luck everyone!!!! & best wishes to all who has had surgery or who is thinking or planning on having it!!!

Hey there, how are you doing? Just checking in, hoping your surgery went well and that you've seen some good results! Let us know how things are.

Congrats!! I am scheduled to have mine next week. When the journey first started, I was discouraged because the process seemed so long. Keep it going.

Hi Ditzy,

Thanks for posting the start of your journey. I'm very excited for you and the journey in front of you. Please update us as your journey progresses and please utilize RealSelf and our other members/doctors if you have questions etc

If you're willing to share can you tell us how much weight you have managed to lose during the 6 month period?


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