Not Sure--over Three Months and Do Not Know--really Cannot Tell Much Difference - Charleston, SC

This was expensive, and i was very, very hopeful,...

This was expensive, and i was very, very hopeful, however, I really do not see much difference. No one has told me about how much better I look, etc.../mouth. I sure hope that it will be worh it--I keep hoping! After over three months, i still have a little tingling on the left side of face around jawline area. I was expecting a miracle, and I am fairly emotionally deflated about it. I still have not lost hope that maybe something will improve. As far as pain, it was just about how everyone described it. not the end of the world, by any means. 


What a bummer to not see any noticeable changes at the three month mark. :-/ I do hope you see some over the next few months.

I know you mentioned that no one from the office has called. Have you considered calling them since you don't feel like you see any changes? Also, do you remember if they took "before" pictures? If so perhaps they could take a set of "after" pictures so you could compare them?

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thanks Megan, I agree with you--and YES, they did take "before" pictures. So, when I get over to Charleston (since I don't live there) I will see about that!! You are right, because it is very difficult to see subtle changes in ourselves. I really feel somewhat tighter in the jawline area, in in the eyelid area.

Well that is good that you can at least feel a little difference. Isn't it weird though how we just automatically start to question if there really is a change, or if we just think there is because we want to see one so badly?! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you get to see the before & after side by side. :)

I just wrote that I read a couple of physicians...

I just wrote that I read a couple of physicians believe Juvederm, Sculptra and Restylane may be depleted as result of getting Ultherapy. I DO want to contact Dr. Germain's office again, and see if they can "redo" at least the lower jawline and mouth area and upper neck. I am going to have to drive about 2 hours, however. I feel that if you spend this much money, the patient should be fairly content with the outcome.


Have you contacted the doctor for a follow-up? Since you mentioned you aren't great at telling if you look better or not, perhaps they have before pictures they took that you guys could compare?

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well, one month later, I have no idea if it has worked. No one tells me "you look great." I do know that I may go back (though it is a solid two hour drive) and ask them if they can do it over, at least on the lower part of face. Interestingly, I did read that Ultherapy will "eat up" or cause depletion of the restylane or Juvederm in your face, and even perhaps Sculptra. This was something I was concerned about, and now it seems several physicians may agree with this idea. I may look fabulous, but I am not great at telling.
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Charleston Dermatologic Surgeon

Saw her on the internet, because i was searching for a Dr. who had this machine in SC. This is the first location in SC. The clinician who performed the procedure was very nice and seeemed to have been well-trained by the Ulthera personnel. No one has followed up with me to see if i like the results of the procedure, but i am not surprised about that. Dr. Germain is extremely personable and engaging, although she does not perform the procedure.

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