Getting Lipo and my Nose Done at the Same Time - Charleston, SC

Well i have extra lower belly fat that won't....

Well i have extra lower belly fat that won't. Budge. So I've decided to get Lipo. With doctor windenhouse i had a consultation wit him and every thing went great i feel comfortable with him working on me We had a long talk and he let me know what he would. Be able to do and what result's i can expect
Congratulations on your decision. Good luck.
Congrats and good luck on upcoming surgery

going in on march 12 for surgery prep

Im getting my work done march 26 im so ready i can't wait. And i like the fact im going to be closer to home to heal and if i have any problems my doctor is 15 minutes away not 15 hours

i will keep you posted

I feel good about the choice i made to go with doctor windenhouse My biggest issue is the healing process i don't like to be in pain and i want to be close to home. He broke it down to me exactly what he would haft to do to me in order for me to get the look i want

OMG the doctor is going to break nose!!!!

Im so, so. Scared and nervous but to get the narrow shape i want. That's what he decided to do
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