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How Long Does It Take? - Charleston, SC

I've had two sessions on my stomach and I haven't...

I've had two sessions on my stomach and I haven't seen results yet. Person doing it doesnt seem concerned. I drank lots of water, exercised and I have measured myself and its the same. I got the two at a discount and so I dont know if I should continue, paying full price. I also had it done on lower face and love handles. I was thinking I would see a change within a week. I dont have sagging skin.
Patients typically do not see results until after the fourth treatment. It takes time for the body to destroy the fat cells and build collagen. It is also true you will continue to see improvement for several months following treatment. The results are greatly augmented by moderate exercise and staying hydrated. Your Exilis provider will be able to address any concerns you have and recommend whether further treatments will be beneficial.

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I haven't had this procedure myself, but from what I've read, it can be a few months before the final results set in. Has your provider given you any timescales for results?

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