Just Had the Procedure Done 3 Days Ago - Charleston, SC

I had fines lines around my mouth and had the...

I had fines lines around my mouth and had the procedure done just in this area, chin and jaw line. The cost was $275. The entire face is $525. Immediately after I had a mild sunburn. Had to ride home with the ac on high in my car and pointed at my face. Felt very hot but after about an hour things began to cool down. I apply a moisturizer to the area and that made it more comfortable. It did hurt to touch and the first night I slept on my back. Woke up the second morning and I had a grid pattern of tiny little pin point sized brown scabs that flake off. I used powder and blush that evening when I went out for dinner and no one could tell. This is the 3rd day and my skin around my mouth feels very tight which is what you want. The grid marks are still there but only seen by me. I go back in 2 weeks for a second treatment and that should be all that is needed except once a year as a maintenance. I'll post more results in a day or two.

Glamma, have you noticed any results yet? Please adjust the rating "thumgs up, neutral, thumbs down" accordingly. thanks!!
I've actually decided to wait to see if I notice any results before having a second treatment. All the reviews and comments made me a little cautious and I'm going to wait. I am now 5 days post my first treatment. All the redness and grid marks are gone. Only a little peeling but moisturizer takes care of that. No noticeable improvement yet. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you for the review.  It appears that this worked well for you which is wonderful.  You will have to let us know how everything goes after the second treatment.  

Would also love to see pictures if you have them.


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