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Just Scheduled my TT with MT!

I just scheduled my TT for October 11! Gosh, that...

I just scheduled my TT for October 11! Gosh, that seems so far away. I am so nervous, but excited at the same time. That is such a crazy mix of emotions. I live about 2hrs from where I am having the procedure done. Will I able to ride home the same day, or should I stay in a hotel?

I have been researching and looking at before and after photos for about a month now. I hope my results are as good as what I've seen. I have been excercising 4-6x a week trying to lose some weight before the procedure so I can have the best result. I'm 5'2" and 164 pounds. I lost 30lbs. in the last year and a half but would like to lose at least 10-20 more by october. Anyone out there about my size have this done?, and how were your results. Also any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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So far he and his staff have been very friendly and informative.

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Your day well get here before u know it, good luck : ) Start taking vitamin d and calcium..taking vtms has helped me alot : )
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so happy for you..... you won't regret your decision to do this for yourself.... we girls need this, and i'm so happy i had my full tummy tuck. i feel wonderful!

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I was 5'4 and 180 the day of surgery and a size 16 pant. I just could never get smaller. Now 8 weeks after my Tummy Tuck I am 160 and a size 10. AND my stomach is so FLAT! almost all stretch marks gone, YOU WILL LOVE YOUR RESULTS! best of luck!
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That is super exciting! If you're interested, I'm giving away Mederma Stretch Mark therapy (which retails for $40, a box of Scaraway Silicone sheets and some pampering facial masques for any woman who sends me a pre-op and post-op video.

Here's a blog post detailing the giveaway.

Message me if you think you could swing it.

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Hey! I am 5'4" and was about 160 the day I went in for surgery. I had lost about 25 lbs and was also working out 5 days a week. I am super happy with my results. Make sure that when you go in for surgery you are happy with your weight. My PS told me that I shouldn't try to lose more than 10 lbs after a tummy tuck because it can leave more loose skin. You can see my before and afters on my review. Good luck!
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hello I just wanted to ask u a question I am 5'2-5'3 in I weigh a 180-185 I have my pre op appt on july 13 in i get my tt on july 28 do u have any suggestion on how to loose weight and what should i ask the ps thank u for any advice
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