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I got this done 12 years ago when I was 22 and...

I got this done 12 years ago when I was 22 and have been glad I did it ever since the day it was finished. I always had puffy eyes, since I was a kid and it always bothered me. People would always ask me if I was tired or if I had been crying. UGH. How annoying. I started researching online and decided I was going to get inner lower laser blephroplasty, meaning they would use a laser to cut open the skin from inside the eye, remove the fat, and stitch me up. I didn't have a lot of money so I even looked up PS doing residencies, lol, I was desperate, but fortunately I found an amazing doctor in manhattan that would do it for just under $4,000.

I went in, got on the table, woke up and a friend took me home. I was bruised for about 10 days, no big deal. I don't recall being in any pain. But from the moment I looked in the mirror I could see the wonderful change, and now 12 years later my eyes still look perfect. I was VERY worried that he had taken too much of the fat, and that I would hollow as i aged, but it hasn't happened yet. He was a very skilled surgeon and i HIGHLY recommend if you have big fat deposits under your eyes that you find a skilled surgeon and get it done, world of difference. No more waking up and being upset at the fat bags under my eyes.

I still have this fear that he may have taken too much because if i lean my head back and look down it looks sucken, but of course in any other position it looks perfect. If 10 years from now I start to look sunken I guess I'll go and get some fillers.

Hey Can you tell me who your doctor was? I'm 25.
What is the name of your doctor? I'm 22 years old and researching the procedure. I'm a little nervous
Name not provided

I wish I could remember his name. Sorry. :(

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