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I am 57 years old and had Ultherapy in Sept. 2011....

I am 57 years old and had Ultherapy in Sept. 2011. It was an extremely painful procudure and I left very, very bruised from the injections they gave for the pain. It looked like someone beat me around the side of the face and jaw. I was black and blue for 2 weeks. I hadn't planned to have any time off and was so embarrassed to appear at work. I never had any followup after the procedure...I think they knew something went wrong. This was an introductory price for a this office. I don't think the tech was experienced. Never had followup. Not much improvement.


Although I was also badly bruised from the pain injections - my procedure was done by the Dr herself & I had followup appts 1 week after, 1 mo, 2 mo & 3 mo post procedure!
Sorry you had such a bad experience & then didn't see improvement on top of that!
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So sorry to hear about your experience. I'm surprised that a follow-up visit wasn't scheduled. Did you call the office to tell them about the bruising & lack of results?

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Not really worth the money as I didn't see much improvement.

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