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So you’re sitting in the waiting room, reading...

So you’re sitting in the waiting room, reading these letters, unsure of what to do. I’ll tell you my story and maybe that will help.
I was sitting in that same spot in February of 2012. How did I come to be there, waiting to see Dr. Kurley? In the spring of 2011, my youngest sister had a tummy tuck. She had been heavy most of her adult life. She had gone to a weight loss clinic and once she reached her ideal weight, she realized that she would never lose the belly and loose skin. After her surgery, I could see what a difference it made in her appearance.

In February 2012, I looked at websites and decided to see Dr. Kurley. I planned to see about something noninvasive. After my appointment, I thought I would just have to live with my belly. I never intended to have liposuction. My husband was very supportive and said he was OK with whatever I decided.

Four days later I called to set up a pre-op. I needed to move quickly since I had reservations to go out west with my sister to see my son. The office worked very hard to schedule my surgery so I would be able to travel.
The big day arrived. I was apprehensive and txt my sister. “When you were about to do this, did you wonder if you were crazy.” I ask? “O, believe me, I did!” was her reply. “But I have never regretted doing it”.

Everyone was very caring as I prepared for surgery. Dr. Kurley and everyone assured me that I would be fine. They needed to reassure my husband as well. And then, I was waking up. I hardly remember the trip to the hotel. Once there, my husband said he could see a difference already, even with the swelling. The discomfort was minimal. Next morning, I returned to the office for my first post-op visit.

One week later, another office visit. All was going well. Dr. Kurley encouraged me to begin exercising and gave me other instructions to reduce the swelling. I took his words to heart and went home determined to do my best.
As the days turned into weeks, as I exercised and followed Dr. Kurley’s instructions, I could see my body changing. By the time I arrived at my son’s home, my pants were getting very loose. My sis, who has been my cheerleader, teased me about my baggy pants. We had a wonderful time together.

Now it is three months later, and I have lost 13 pounds. I am wearing pants two sizes smaller that I did before. I love the way I look and so does my husband. I love trying on clothes. OH and Good Will has received quite a few donations of clothes I can no longer wear.
On my first visit, did I plan to do this? No, it hadn’t even crossed my mind. Do I have any regrets? Not one!
Dr. Kurley and all his staff are so caring, thoughtful and kind. I never doubted that I was in very good hands. My results were much better then I ever expected. Dr. Kurley is gifted at what he does.
I hope this helps you as you are making a decision. Maybe someday I will see you at a department store. You’ll be looking in the three-way mirror as you try on something new. I’ll know it’s you by that look on your face. Your smile will be saying, “Is this really me”?

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