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I wanted a flat tummy for years. I exercise and...

I wanted a flat tummy for years. I exercise and eat right and I can't seem to get this area down. I would like to be contoured in the waistline. My friend had lipo and a tt and she looks great! I hope and pray my procedure goes well. I'm a lot nervous but well informed from this site. Only heard wonderful things about my ps. Wish me luck!

I am now five days post op. I can honestly say it...

I am now five days post op. I can honestly say it hasn't been that bad. I'm only taking tylenol now because I didn't do well with the percocets. Three days after my ps said I could take a shower, so I did. Once the compression garment came off I got lightheaded and dizzy. Shower didn't last long at all. Trying again today before my follow up appt. I did see a change though. I can't wait to talk to my ps to see what he thinks so far.
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I just had lipo of full abs, full back, flanks and inner thighs. It was really tough the first week. Make sure you have help. Now 3 weeks things are so much better and amazing results. I am still sore and swollen . I didnt want the TT or cutting. That really scared me. I think with the lipo it has worked well. I dont have any hanging skin as I never had kids. But I am 60 and think things are going very well! Good luck!.More than anything I wanted my big belly gone and it is !!
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Thanks. Surgery went well today. I'm in bed right now texting. I'm medicated so I don't feel any pain. I can't shower until Saturday. But so far so good. My doctor and his staff were so nice to me. I prayed for peace and I was ok. My moon and
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Oops. My mom and godmom were with me. Staying with mom for a week. She's always taken really good care of me in any situation so I should be fine. Thanks again.
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Its so important to have help and someone you trust. My doctor made me shower every day . It made me so weird and I hated to see or touch anything. But I must say it always felt better. Having warm water wash over. Keep us posted about hat ur doctor said and photos are such a wonderful reminder of where we were and now its so worth it with the swelling and pain YIKES!!! Will you post photos??
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My follow up went well today. He said I looked fantastic. I'm still swollen but that's to be expected for another week or so. He said I can shower every day now and start to walk for exercise. My shower felt great this morning, but like you said it was uncomfortable touching my body. I will post pictures next week. I'm staying w my mom and using her iPad. My pics are on my camera.
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