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Hello everyone! My husband actually found this...

Hello everyone! My husband actually found this site for me and it has been a huge help! I am a 30 year old mother of 2 girls, the youngest it under 2. I breastfed both of them for about a year; I was a small, but perky B before kids... but after breastfeeding them both, I now have a pair of tube socks that get rolled into a size B bra and still do not fill it... so really, I am probably an A now and just won't admit it!! :) I have wanted this procedure for a long time and my largest concern is how people will view me after I get this done. I work as an administrator and I do not want to lose all of the respect I have worked so hard to gain, especially with being so young. As others have mentioned, I want to do this for me, so I feel more confident in clothes and bathing suits, and feel sexy for my husband. I also can't wait to enjoy going bra and strapless dress shopping!! :) Can anyone share their thoughts on this?
As for size, I do not want a playboy look at all.. I want a natural C-cup. My doctor suggested 350 cc and my husband keeps suggesting 400 cc's... :) I am 5'9" and 140 lbs. I think I might meet in the middle at 375cc.

My last concern... I want silicone implants for a more natural look, but I am concerned about the safety of them. My doctor assured me they are safe, but my concern is if one does pop... you do not know unless you get a scan.. which will not be covered by insurance. So for those who got silicone, do you plan on getting scans regularly?

Thank you for all your feedback!
Congrats on your rescheduled surgery! How exciting! I will be 1 month post op as of Wed Jan 8th and I am settling very well, so well that I sort of wish I went at least 50-75 cc's more. Who knew I'd go from never wanting implants to wishing I went a smidge bigger. I think once the swelling goes down (which is a shockingly huge look) you'll be very happy with your choice. I have zero regrets! Things are going great here and I wish you a wonderful outcome as well!
Hello and welcome!!  First of all, I just want to point you toward some A- to C-Cup transformations we have here on the site.  You may be an A, but you are probably a little bigger, if you have a lot of hanging skin.  The skin is part of your boobs, too.  If they are very saggy, you don't want to get too small of an implant, because then they'll still be saggy.  Without  seeing a before pic, though, it's hard to speak to that.

I think that the confidence that you gain as a part of this procedure will help the amount of respect you get at work.  I don't know, of course, but for me, the confidence I gained from having my boobs lifted has changed my life completely.  I feel beautiful and confident when I walk into a room--and people seem to respond to it.  People smile at me and come and talk to me.  They introduce themselves and talk.  It's beautiful!  When you have confidence, others respond positively to you.  Just know that your boobs being bigger will not affect your competence in the job, and others will know it as well.  Do not be apologetic and others will not think you've done something to apologize for.  Love your new breasts like you love the best item of clothing/jewelry you've ever had, and know you never have to take them off! LOL.

Anyway, you are tall!  A C-cup is not anything that will be overwhelming on your frame.  But in the end, you are the one who has to be comfortable and confident.  It would be helpful for you to do some people-watching and find other taller women like yourself and notice their breasts (now I sound like I'm asking you to be a lech or something!) and estimate their sizes (or flat-out ask, if they're friends,) and see how you feel you'd look with their sizes.

I look forward to hearing how your opinion changes as you go through the sizing process.  It's very difficult!
Hello, I am yet to post photos but will soon. I am 11 days post op from a BA. I struggled with size for a long time, almost obsessing over it and what I learned is don't do the rice test, dont even try the sizers in the office but search for pictures. If I would have come out of surgery looking like the rice test or the sizers I would have sued someone, they are incredibly deceiving. I literally made a booklet for myself and my boyfriend. We both went they the booklet at different times and commented on each photo as to whether it's perfect, very nice, too small, too big and too saggy & then met to review our choices & comments & then refined the booklet. We agreed on 98% of the pics which was a great relief to me. When I went in for my surgery, we took the revised booklet and let my surgeon do his job. I panicked at my first appt when my Dr told me I could handle 400cc's with my frame. I literally said out loud, oh no no, I'm not going that big. I grew up as a ballet dancer, was a large A/small B and boobs were NEVER EVER anything I wanted or thought were the least bit attractive but here I am. I came out with 400cc's on my right and 425cc's on my left. Honestly, I feel beautiful naked, I'm very happy with them in that respect, my only difficult adjustment at this point is how I look in clothes. I think when they settle I'll be thrilled in and out of clothes but please trust your dr and convey what your expectations are both verbally and with pics. I'm 5'11" and 138lbs and I couldn't be happier with my Drs decision. I wish you nothing but the best! Good luck!
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