Pixel Ruimed my Face - Chadbourn, NC

Was told it would help with pore size and acne...

Was told it would help with pore size and acne scares and my brown sun spots. Pores are not better they are worse and my acne seems more like orange peel..It has diminished my brown spots..After reading a lot of reviews and talking with dermatologist people with oily skin that are prone to pimples into there 40s are not a good candidate for pixel laser.I had 2 treatments and should have stayed with the one treatment that greatly reduced my brown spots but I wanted to reduce pore size. Talking with others with same problem skin as me had same results of orange peel If that is there ideal of diminished pores then it works... They are taught to sale you on a series of 3 for best results don't buy into it,it just helps the Med spas.... I recommend ck reviews like on this site and ask questions from people that have similar results or issues....


Thank you for posting your review.  I am sorry this did not work out for you.

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