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Two Sessions in and See a Difference - Central Valley, CA

I have only had two sessions thus far. I wanted...

I have only had two sessions thus far. I wanted first to concentrate on my upper arms and then my lower, inner thighs right above my knees. I can definitely see a difference after only two sessions. I know VelaShape is not permanent, and I intended to do my full eight sessions once a week and then go into the maintenance phase. I can only imagine it will only get better from here.

I have most recently packed on 20 pounds...which are going to come off. Even at my preferred weight and working out four or five times a week, however, I still had little pockets of dimples and jiggly skin. So the VelaShape is a definited motivator. If it can do something when I am this heavy....imagine how it will look when the weight is off.l


Yay on the working out and dedication, that's great. I'm also super happy this worked out so well for you. We'd love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing.

Thanks so much!


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