Restylane Injected Under Both Eyes - Central Florida

My swelling never went down. I spent an agonizing...

My swelling never went down. I spent an agonizing 6 weeks looking like a tired hag with bags under my eyes. Some days were better than others but it never went away & I was miserable. FINALLY, I went to an opthalmic surgeon pleading for help and she injected hyaluronidase under both eyes. Miracle! Within 24 hours I looked like myself again and I am soooo happy. It has been 3 months since the hyaluronidase and my eyes look like they did before I ever did the restylane! I will NEVER have any cosmetic filler injected under my eyes again! Good Luck! Get to a respected opthalmic surgeon.


My restylane injector is an MD certified & experienced in cosmetic injectibles but she would not do the hyaluronidase & kept insisting it would go down.
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Eek, experiences like yours are exactly why I am hesitant to try a filler under the eyes. Do you mind me asking what the qualifications were of the person who did your injections? For instance, do you happen to know if they were an RN, a Plastic Surgeon, an esthetician, etc.

I'm so glad you the hyaluronidase helped you!!!

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