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Hello, I'm going to have my BA done in the next...

Hello, I'm going to have my BA done in the next few days. I'm worried I might be going too big. My PS is amazing and I like him but when I was there I totally forgot to ask him everything. Im asian 4'10 pre-op 34AAA 112-115lbs, thinking of going 350cc-400cc. Do you think this is to much? Please help!


I am a full A/ small B.. 5'4 and 115lbs... I had a consultation with one doctor that said he wouldn't go bigger than 260cc's and one that said 325 max. It sounds like you are a little smaller than me, but it all depends on the width of your breasts and your measurements. 350 sounds like it would be great but you should trust your PS! Best of luck :)
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good luck
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It is impossible to recommend a size without more info, or examining you, but this is something you should discuss with your surgeon before surgery.
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I had a consultation with him. I went online and search best PS in the area.

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