My 30 Year Old Enemy.

I've had it since I was 19. I am 5'9"...

I've had it since I was 19. I am 5'9" and 149. I'm fit, I exercise and my legs make me cry. My husband and I tour with Cirque Do Soleil. For 3 years I have had to spend my poolside along some of the best bodies in the world. It is mortifying to be a wife that isn't 0% body fat and perfect when many of the women are. I'm a Cali girl, always wear a bikini anyway. My sweet husband knows how much this plagues me and I have a two consults in the next few weeks. We will be touring for 3 months to Miami in Dec to Feb and I so badly want to look good. This seems like the only and first answer. To get rid of this would change my life. I've never had a cosmetic procedure done and I am freaked out about the money and the tweaking, but smooth legs and butt? Are you kidding me?
I'd kill for it. Seems so pricey, as I know I will need at least three areas done. My trouble is that I am in a different city every 8 weeks. I've got a bit of time in LA, then Boston, and DC. Any other Doc recommendations in those areas would be great. Obviously in SoCal it would have to happen SOON!

I don't know if I should post my before pics....

I don't know if I should post my before pics. I took them in sunlight and I am now in tears. I have what I think is the worst cellulite ever. So much that I will never afford to get all that treated. My mood just plummeted. Nothing like a harsh sunlight pic to kill one's self esteem. I guess I will, but it is so much worse than anyone else's I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I so sympathize with you, and can't imagine exposing my legs poolside along some of the "Best bodies in the world." I too, have had this condition for 30 years, and at this stage, I think I will just be happy to see some improvement. It does seem that most of the before photos on this forum have been mild cases though. Good Luck, and hope you keep us posted through your journey.

Oh my goodness, I can so sympathize with the downward spiral we can send ourselves into when we somehow get focused on our cellulite. It happens a lot to me when I'm shopping...those 3 way mirrors & less then flattering lighting and I'll find myself standing there just staring at it with words like "gross" and "yucky" going through my mind...

The good thing is there is a ton more to us than just our legs, especially the backs of them. Not to say I don't want to have Cellulaze done, because you better believe I do, but until its our time to have it done we just have to remember its not worth giving our power over to & letting it bring us down.

If the thought of posting those pictures brings you down more than it makes you feel empowered, don't do it. If posting them and getting to hear the other community members thoughts will help, then put them up. Either way, its about what will make you feel confident.

Sending you a big huge hug!!

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