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I have decided to do it. I AM Going TO HAVE...

I have decided to do it. I AM Going TO HAVE CELLULAZE!
After years of being in great physical shape, It has been very hard for me to see cellulite appear where I have never had it. Just the thought of going to the pool or beach is upsetting.
Seeing is believing:
Being an Aesthetician for Dr. Bednar Plastic Surgery has given me first hand knowledge of what these patients have experienced. The before and after affects of cellulaze are simply amazing and I want it.
Stay tuned as I have this procedure in the coming days.

Hi Lorriearc! I am having the procedure with Dr. Bednar too on June 29!! I wish it was sooner so I can start healing process. So have you seen a lot of before and after pictures of his work? That is one thing I didn't ask when I had my consultation. Thank you for your feedback.

Hoping all goes great - looking forward to hearing about  your story!! It seems some ladies have ended up purchasing a second garment so they can wash one & wear the other. Are you planning to do this, or just go with the one?

I will probably get two so I can switch from one to the other while laundering.

Tomorrow is the day! I am getting my Cellulaze...

Tomorrow is the day! I am getting my Cellulaze treatment and so excited!

Hi Lorrie! It was so great to meet you yesterday! OK now, today is bye bye dimple day for you! How did it go? How are you feeling? Look forward to hearing!! :-)
Carrottop, I have definately seen some great results! Can't wait. I will keep you posted on my experience, as I heal. Bye-Bye dimples.

Day One -post -op and feeling great! I had...

Day One -post -op and feeling great!

I had Cellulaze, Saturday, June 23rd @ 9am.
Waking up from surgery, I felt no pain or nausea (which was a big concern for me).
They had provided me with medication to counter any of those concerns.

I left the office in a compression garment, which I am to wear for 3 days.
I feel very large and swollen in the garment, but that is expected.

At home I slept very comfortably, most of the day. I was able to just relax and watch television without the feeling pain and discomfort.
Saturday night, I slept like a baby (propt up with pillows)

We will be posting before and after pictures soon!

We will be posting before and after pictures soon!

Day 2-I went into work to treat a few patients...

Day 2-I went into work to treat a few patients today so ---no medication--.
After getting home I knew I needed rest and a much needed shower.
For the first time, I pulled off the garment and then the dressings. The dressings or pads have adhesive so they stung a bit more than I thought. ( I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to this stuff).
I handwashed my garment and threw it in the dryer, showered and by the time I was out, my garment was ready to wear! I suggest doing this so you don't have to be out of it for very long. Take it from me, you want the support of the garment!
Looking in the mirror, I couldn't tell a difference yet from the surgery (feel swollen and tired) but my husband swears he already can see less cellulite ..TMI ;)
Rest is needed but all in all, it has been a very easy surgery thus far.

Glad to hear all went well for you Lorriearc! Did you take anything to help you sleep?


Day 12 I feel great! I can already see results...

Day 12 I feel great! I can already see results (smoother tone and texture on my outer thighs)
I do have soreness, simular to a heavy workout.

Correction to earlier blog-
I did say in a previous blog that I only had to wear my compression garment for 3 days and what I meant to say 3 weeks.
I am tired of wearing it but wouldn't think of taking it off for the sake of great results.
That's awesome you are seeing results so soon! I am 3 weeks post-op today, the swelling has significantly reduced/practically gone and I don't look good at all. I wish the developer of Cellulaze had posted a series post-op pictures at different stages so that we all can visually see the changes over time. I think that would have helped!!
Last night I slept without my garment on! I feel like almost all the skin is smoothing out and tickening,
I do feel some heat & tingling throughout the day (just on my outer thighs where the doctor administered the laser treatment.
At first, this surprised me that I'm feeling this now, more so than weeks prior, but this is just a normal healing response.
It is not in any way keeping me out of work or keeping me from resuming my regular daily life.
Also, I'm very happy to get the "go ahead" from Dr. Bednar to resume my excerise regimen.
As I leave for the beach tomorrow, I will carry my garment to wear off and on (probably at night) but I'm excited not to be taking all those dimples with me.

Congrats on your freedom from the garment! Please let us know how it goes when you start exercising. I hope you have a fantastic time at the beach!


Back from a week's vacation at the beach! Great...

Back from a week's vacation at the beach! Great time. I do still feel a bit swollen and sore. This could be due to the fact that I was very active, riding bikes and walking the beach without my garment.
I feel like getting back into my regular workout schedule, as well.
Keeping you all posted:

Glad you had a fun vacation Lorriearc! Will you wear your garment when you start your workout routine back up, or are you planning to go without it?

I will probably wear it just for added support.

I want to make sure you know that I am still sore...

I want to make sure you know that I am still sore and have prickly heat from the nerves healing. Usually, I feel this closer to the evening hours and when I'm fatigued. Not bad and nothing that requires meds. Gradually it is looking better. I workout, walk, lift weights and work my normal work week.
I just want to make it clear that the healing is happening and takes some time.

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