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Sleev Gastrectomy. I've been over weigth all most...

Sleev Gastrectomy.
I've been over weigth all most all of my life. I've tried all kinds of diets and fades I cant even count. I just recieved my call today from my pulmonolgist that I've been cleared for surgery. Yay!!! That was the last clearance that I needed to be able to keep my September 20, 2013 surgery date. I called my husband with the good news. He is so supportive with this life changing experience to better my health. I'm sooooo excited and want the days to come fast. I still have a little butterflies in the bottom of my stomach.
Next week I start my liquid diet.
Mrs. Alexander,congrats to you! Your new journey is about to begin. I wish you much happiness&success.I have just passed good clearance on my angiogram and now will wait for that call to make appt. to see surgeon.Am having gastric Sleeve also. All the best".Jay
Hey! that's so exciting! Your surgery date is just around the corner. Good Luck with everything and I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress and journey!
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Dr. Keith Kim office is Great!! They made me fill like family. I'm glad that I found their office.

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