*Highly Satisfied 450 CC HP Silicone under the muscle* 25yo, 5'8" 125lbs, Mother of a 2yo, Very Active Lifestyle

I feel compelled to write a review after how...

I feel compelled to write a review after how helpful all the other reviews have been, so here's my story...

I have always been small chested. After having my first child and breastfeeding for 6 months, these puppies are now a size smaller and deflated. I went from having confidence about my body to having none in a 34 saggy A cup. Bathing suits and lingerie are frustrating, taking my shirt off in front of my husband is a thing of the past...I now walk around our bedroom with my arm over them. He has bigger boobs (pecks) than me! NOT OKAY with that :( He knows how badly I want this and is in full support mode. Although he tells me all the time he is more than ok with me the way I am. So, I'm not doing this for him. It is all for me! :)

I have been to 3 different surgeons for multiple consultations. The first I just wasn't really "feeling" him, lol. His price was in the right range, but I was looking to bond with my surgeon. The second was a complete disaster. He kept telling me how he liked "his" girls and "his" boobs to look. And then 2 of his assistants came in, lifted their shirts, started feeling on their implants and had me do the same. So unprofessional. Even though I felt as I should have tipped those assistants, atleast I knew what I didn't want to look like. His price was also really low. The third and final surgeon was great! She spent more than enough time with me listening to my wants, measuring me and trying on sizers. The two other surgeons did none of this! They told me what they wanted to see me look like and what they were going to do to me. Instead of treating like a mannequin, Dr Sylora was thorough, gave me adequate time to think about the things she was telling me so I could ask questions and she could answer them and unltimately made me feel like I'm going to finally have my dream boobs! It goes to show, getting more than one consult is CRUCIAL. Now I know when I leave there this coming Tuesday (March 11th) I will have the look I so badly desire (after the healing ofc :) )

I liked the size of the 400 and 425cc HP silicone. I might be going with the 450cc since you lose 25-50cc when going submuscular. This is to be decided day of in surgery. Dr Sylora and her assistant know what I want to look like and will make the call in the surgery room.

So, I have had my surgical clearance from my general physician. Gathered all my meds from the pharmacy. Have arranged babysitters. I'm in the process of making meals to freeze for the fam while I'm down for the count. And this weekend I plan on a cleaning frenzy so I don't have to worry about that for atleast 2 weeks (hopefully :) )

One more day til surgery!

These pics were taken today. Thought I would show what they look like in a suit. This top is a 32A from Victoria Secret.
One whole day stands between me and my boobs! I joked to my hubby with "springing" forward I'm an hour closer today! haha. I cleaned the house from top to bottom yesterday. That was the largest task and is now crossed off the list! Tomorrow after my morning workout I will be making a large pot of chicken noodle soup to have ready for when I get home from surgery and will need nourishment without having anything too heavy. Jello is also on the list to make.

Tomorrow is the BIG day! no pun intended ;P

Today FLEW by. Like, holy crap I looked up and it was 6pm. This time change is really messing with me! But, I am glad I had things to keep me busy so I didn't have to think about surgery. With a 21 month old you don't have much down time anyways :)
I made 2 big pots of chicken noodle soup. 2 things of jello. Did one last clean sweep of the house, mopped the floors and washed my sheets. Although I just realized I'll be sleeping in the recliner so I won't need those clean sheets, lol, you're welcome hubs :)
Surgery is scheduled for 1:30pm tomorrow afternoon. Super SUPER excited!
Thank you all for the good wishes, I do appreciate every one of you!

I hope to write tomorrow evening when I get home and comfortable.

Home from surgery!

Home sweet home! Once at the surgery office, I ended up playing with sizers again since my PS was running behind. Hubby took pics at different angles to help me decide b/w 425 and 450. I ended up with the 450!
My 21 month old keeps saying mommy sick mommy sick, lol She is sitting at the end of my recliner with me. I currently have 2 bags of frozen peas atop the new additions!
Not gonna lie, I am in pain. It feels like I over achieved by 100% on a chest workout.
I immediately threw up when I got home. Felt better after that so I had some chicken noodle soup...not as much as I normally would eat...prob like 6 spoonfuls. Then finished with jello.

They sent me home in a hospital gown and a very nice robe, so I'm still in that. Haven't taken a look at the girls except from the top.

Pictures from Hubbys phone

I love these things!

Today has been ok. Went on 2 walks. In pain as expected, but nothing I haven't been able to handle. Taking my meds as prescribed :) It has been hard to watch my family from the sidelines. I know I don't want to jeopardize anything, so I just need to sit still and let the healing take place.
I am so excited for what these babies will look like in 3, 6, even 12 months. I think I might play with them more than hubs! Surely, he will be ok with that :)

Day 2 was SO much better than Day 1

I still can't believe how good I felt today! After morning boob went away (tightness and pain) I went a whole 4 hours past my pain pill time. Even then, I could have probably lasted til bed time. Extremely high spirits today. So happy for that :) What still hurts is my sternum and under my arms, down the sides of my rib cage. My Dr called this morning to check on me, saying most ppl tend to have the most pain/soreness in the areas I described. I hadn't had a bowel movement until this evening (drank some prune juice today to ensure that would happen). Anything I can do to stay away from an enema!
Today I did some laundry, saw my daughter for a little bit and was able to piggy back carry her, you're gonna think I'm crazy, but I did have help putting together a piece of bathroom furniture that got delivered today. I was too anxious to wait for hubby to get home. I kept thinking, I will pay for this later tonight in the form of intense pain, but nothing so far! Fingers crossed :)
Each day that passes I know will only be better and better. I'm so happy I went through with this. Life changing!

Here are pics from Day 2. Enjoy ;P

Loving the progress :)

Today is the end of day 5 post BA. Looking back at the pictures really show how far they have come. Still super happy with the results!
Since day 3 I haven't needed the hydro, just 600mg of ibuprofen morning and night. Today I was going to try no ibuprofen, but we had his moms bday get together to attend and all the hugging and cooking forced me to take 600mg when I got home. Surprisingly, I can do most things. It's the little things that bother me...the pumps on my shampoo and conditioner bottles, opening the dishwasher, heavy doors, closing the trunk of my suv. I've tested lifting things here and there (starting small ofc) and have had no pain...seems that I can concentrate lifting with my bicep and be ok. Pushing movements are what get to me.
Very thankful for the help I've had around the house for the past 5 days. I probably wouldn't be recovering as quickly as I am if it weren't for that.
-Realized I hadn't taken a pic of the "underboob", so here's that with the tape over the incisions :)

Living the good life!

Hello friends!
I am 12 days post op and feeling great! My 10 day post op was this past week and all is healing perfectly. The last time I took the ibuprofen was Wednesday. I could have stopped Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday I was asked to sub teach at the dance studio (taught for 5 years prior to my daughter) so since I was feeling good and could use some extra cash, I said yes. I was hurting a bit under my arms (armpit area) after those 2 nights of teaching, but felt back to normal after getting Thursday to recover. Friday I took my almost 2 yr old, our german exchange student and 2 of her friends to the beach along with our neighbors. I had no problem being out of the surgical bra and in a swimsuit. The stitches were covered and stayed unbothered. And then Saturday we were at a convention (megacon, if any of you are familiar with it). My daughter and I dressed up as hello kitty- it was so fun. Being in the swim top all day and then in a normal bra all day I was ready to have them back in the surgical bra today. I think it was my muscles that were alittle sore from having to hold the weight instead of the surgical bra doing all the work. But, man did they look great out and about!
So, here are some photos taken today. Enjoy :)

Almost a month post op

It's been a couple weeks since I updated, so here are some new pics taken tonight. The girls are doing just fine! They are settling in nicely. I love the way they look and the way I fill out clothing now. They are truly a confidence booster! I am still wearing my surgical bra 247, unless I have a special occasion and have an outfit that needs a regular bra. Here are somethings that aren't so great....I am still numb underneath both breasts. One nipple has more feeling than the other and my left nipple is the only one that reacts to being cold. My right nipple doesn't "get hard" when I get goosebumps. Don't know if I'll get all my feeling back or not, but it's honestly not something that bothers me quite yet.
Tomorrow is my first day back at the gym and I can't wait! I'll be going back to my weights class first, using small weights and starting next week I should be able to start my aerobics class.

2 months in!

Here are a new batch of photos taken just now! The bra is the new VS t-shirt bra and oh man, is it comfortable!!! It is a size 34D :)
I am loving life with my new boobies. I can take on anything! I get alot of lookers and alot of haters LOL. BUUUT, such is life and I can't waste my time worrying about others! I am still SO PLEASED with my results and wouldn't go back on a THING! I feel so much more proportionate, that alone is just incredible.
To update where I am with the numbness from my last post....it is gradually coming back. Both nipples are starting to work in unison when they get cold/hard lol. Sometimes not, but I think that will only continue to get better.
I see my surgeon next week for another post op. I am going to ask her about flexing my chest muscles and if I should be doing it. They look rather strange when I do...it weirds me out! I look deformed. Let's just say I'm glad I don't work out naked, lol. Since I am still numb underneath, I don't feel my chest muscles working (while working out), so I'm not sure how far or how little I should be taking them. I don't hurt, so that could be good and bad.
Anyway, will update again soon

A 6 month update!!!!

WOW, time has flown! I have been non existent here on realself, but that is because I have been doing some awesome things in real life! I have an updated bathroom pic that I took on the exact 6 month mark (sept 11th) I am also posting a few modeling pics, as that is where life has taken me at this time (these are not being posted to "advertise" myself, I just want to show you what they look like in swimwear).
Talking more in depth about my girls.... they have fully dropped and fluffed oh so nicely. I am still SO HAPPY with them. My scars are a light shade of pink. I do not have full feeling back in both nipples. This is ok with me. They operate like real ones, feel like real ones, bounce like real ones...I mean really, I can't imagine myself any other way anymore. I'd do it again and encourage everyone out there on the fence, to take the jump!
Enjoy and thanks for stopping back by :)

Bra Size Update

Forgot to mention when updating yesterday....I am now a 32 DD!
Dr. Roxanne Sylora

Dr. Sylora is very professional and has a superb bedside manner. She is calm and straight forward, giving you real results to see of her other patients. You can tell she has plenty experience placing all different types of implants. She doesn't try and sway you one way or the other. Honest and trustworthy! In my opinion, bedside manner is what makes or breaks a doctor. She soars above the rest!

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"They operate like real ones, feel like real ones, bounce like real ones" -lmao! that's THE best way to sum it up I think! who could ask for more? You look incredible!!! I didn't even read first that the modeling pics were yours...OMG girl! Did you do any modeling prior? How did you get into it? I could ask you a 100 more questions on here...but maybe Ill just PM you if you don't mind lol.. Awesome results! you're my new wish pic all around :)
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Thank you! I did model prior to them and prior to having baby, but not full-time like I am now. My mom started me when I was like 14, but I wasn't all that into it then. I started by doing small runway things then and when I recently got back into it, just got a good set of photos done and started applying myself. Feel free to PM me :)
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you look awesome. Yeah, you had your BA on my birthday. LOL!
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Ha ha, thanks for the great bday present I'll never forget! LOL
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Wow! Your body looks like mine! I am so glad you wrote this, I am slightly taller (5'9) and heavier (130lbs) but I have been considering 400 ccs and they look amazing on you! Thanks for this! :)
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So glad I could help!
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This was such a helpful review for me. Your height and weight are almost the same as me and my 1 consult so far has me in 450ccs too. Thanks for taking the time to write this, much appreciated!
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So glad I could help!
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Hi there... I just read your post and am super happy for you. I am about your size and height and have my consultation appointment this thursday... My daughter is 17 months old and well, like you said, the twins are nothing like before. I am lucky if I can fill out my 34B bra, which is probably more like a 32A and I'm just lying to myself :-) Did you ever have any concerns about a second child and how that is going to impact your new girlfriends? My husband is super worried about it. Since I don't have plans any time soon to add on to the family... I figured I will go ahead instead of being upset and miserable about it. Yours look amazing and if I would be you, I'd probably walk around naked all day :-)
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Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for the compliments. We also are thinking of adding one more child to our family and yes I was concerned about it initially. I went about it like this...I want to live out the rest of my twenties looking and feeling better about myself. Looking at what I was looking at everyday in the mirror immediately put a cloud over my self confidence, what I was going to wear that day and just how I felt about myself over all. Living in FL and always being in a bathing suit was another huge push in the fake booby direction. When we have another child, I will cross that road when I get there and deal with it accordingly. I have a cousin who had a second child after her saline implants and she was able to breastfeed for 3 months with no changes/problems. Maybe she got lucky, who knows really, but I was willing to take my chances because I couldn't go another day let alone another 3 years (how far apart we want our kids) before getting them done. I also expressed this concern to my surgeon and she also said to cross that bridge when you get there because who knows if you'll actually be able to breastfeed with your second, every child is different. I hope this helps. You will make the right decision, because whatever you decide to do is ultimately the best for you!
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You commented on my page because I am using Dr Sylora as well. Your results are amazing, I am so excited! Amazing body too, you just motivated me to start working out again (assuming I can get these kids to cooperate)!
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Thank you for your kind compliments! Your results will be just as amazing. She seriously works magic. And, I started taking my LO to the gym starting at a year old. Took her about 2 weeks to stop whimpering when I left her in the kiddy gym and about 3 months before she was excited to go. When we have a taken a week off , starting back up she gives a bit of whining, but that quickly dissipates :) I know lots of moms in my gym who bring both of their kids with them and I'm always commending them! Getting 2 there is harder than 1! You go girl...if you want it bad enough, you'll get it done!
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Usually I just end up doing videos at home. I have done Insanity and T25 but I got a little burnt out and bored so I have been a bum for the last couple months. Thank you for the encouragement!
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Do you feel like they got smaller after 2 weeks. Or did they hold size and soften??
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The only reason I'm going to say smaller is because it was the swelling that went away. For me, what swelled was the top of my chest..the "shelf". So it wasn't the implants getting smaller, it was the swelling going down. The softness is truly amazing. They are SO REAL feeling!
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Love your results so exciting !!!
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Thank you!
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wow girl your boobies are shaping out beautifully , love the round shape and theyre so perky! Like you said I can imagine it has made so many aspects better...and HAD to improve your confidence in front of your hubby lol! *wink wink* You have the sexy oomph of a wearing a bra without having to! Im sure they'll drop and continue to look more natural..love them!!
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Thank you! I love walking around naked. I tease him alllllll the time ;)
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Amazing!!! I hope mine are half as pretty!!
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Thank you so much!
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They are dropping really nicely! I just looked your previous photos. I can tell you will have perfect shape. Wow! And they are that soft! Amazing! Enjoy your workouts!! I miss them terribly!
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Thank you! The workout was..interesting. Things feel different. Nothing hurt, just not the way the chest muscles used to feel. Not sure how to describe it, really.
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