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This peel smells like bandaid adhesive and when...

This peel smells like bandaid adhesive and when you leave you have a nice "golden" color. Great for sun damage, acne scars and wrinkles. A few hours after my peel, my skin just felt "tight". I started to peel on day 3 and the key to this peel being successful is not peeling the skin! I just scheduled a peel for my "after summer" extra sun that I got and I can't wait. Your skin will glow and you will spend less money in the long run on make-up to cover up the spots that won't be there.

Jaime, RN at Medical Skin Care

She was incredibly informative and helpful. This clinic is fabulous!

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Hi WyoMom1,

Thanks for the review, glad to hear you had such a great experience. Did you have to use anything special on your face after the procedure? Do you have pictures? We love to see great work.

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