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Bad Pores from 20% TCA Peel

I had a peel similar to a Jessner Peel then topped...

I had a peel similar to a Jessner Peel then topped with a 20% TCA peel (one coat). The esthetician told me it was a self neutralizing peel and to wash it off in the morning. I followed her instructions. I noticed that I didn't peel except for a small area of my chin. The rest of my face peeled slowly for the next 2 weeks. It was very little like a mold sunburn. After two weeks my skin looked great. At around the 2nd month I noticed my pores were very big and I had pits in my skin various places especially on my cheeks. It looks like tiny dents in my skin. I read that some people s skin isn't suitable for peels and I unfortunately fall into this category. I also got blackheads on my chin where I did peel. I got the peel to lighten my freckles. It did lighten them slightly but now I'm left with large pores and pits. If anyone knows a solution or has experience d this please feel free to leave your suggestions. I'm thinking of getting microdermabrasion.

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I'm surprised to hear you saw an increase in your pore size since it sounds like the peel was pretty mild. What a bummer. :(

Here is a Q&A that might give you some ideas of treatments to look into:

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