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I have had seven children, three for myself and...

I have had seven children, three for myself and two sets of twins for two separate families as a surrogate. Of those seven children, I have nursed six of them. My boobs are a saggy mess! I also had gastric bypass in 2004 and have lost and gained many pounds since then. My highest weight was 260, my lowest weight was 140, and my average weight is 175. I am having an arm lift as my first priority and decided to have a breast lift as a perk.

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That's amazing...what you did. You deserve whatever makes you happy. All the best. Sure you'll look great
Hi Skarmsnomore (haha on the name). Wow and wow. You are a good person to have put your body through hell for others who needed help. I admire you! I hope you have a really great outcome. I did my lift and explant 2 weeks ago, but don't let the photos scare you. Your skin looks in good shape :)

A few pics...

Not feeling too great. I am having a lot of swelling and pain.

Another pic...

6 days post op

First check up...

So PS removed 250g from my left breast and lifted the right. Pathology was negative- an added bonus I suppose. He said swelling was minimal along with bruising. Honestly I do not notice any bruising, but there is some sort of dye from the washing on day of surgery. I haven't found the courage to scrub yet. He said that the seams may come open but to apply a little neosporin and cover with gauze. I go back in a month.
Woooooow I have no words what you did for those who needed help shooooo u have a great heart indeed, Im sure your results will be amazing you deserve it.

New pics.

3 weeks post op

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