I Finally Scheduled my BA! Set for July 19 - Carmel, IN

Here are my stats: 34 years old, 5'5" tall, 120...

Here are my stats: 34 years old, 5'5" tall, 120 lbs, athletic, 2 lovely daughters ages 4 and 7, breast size is 32A ( would like to become a C). Probably going with Silicone. Surgery is scheduled for July 19th. Holy Cow!

Thanks to everyone here for the support that you provide. You are a wealth of information and the insight that you provide is incredible. I am so grateful to have found this community.

I am from an very conservative family. This makes this decision a bit difficult for me being that I am very close to them and I'm unsure how they'll react to my doing this. I know that I am 34, :) , but I still want my Daddy's approval. Sad, huh?
I haven't spoken to anyone about my decision to do this except for my husband. He understands and is very supportive. Although he mentions conversations he's had with other guys where they go on about how women who get their breasts "done" are just out to find men and always leave their husbands. That view of women really ticks me off. I won't even get started on that. I'm thinking insecure men, just sayin' ;).
I haven't told any of my girlfriends either as they are also on the conservative side. I feel alone in this.
I have wanted to do something with my breasts since after breastfeeding my first child. I decided to wait until after I was done having children to begin thinking about having a BA. I have always been small, but Oh my goodness, breastfeeding did a number on them. I'm sure that some of you know all about that. They got to a 32C while breastfeeding and then deflated to non-existence after. I don't even want my husband to see me without my shirt on. I can't even imagine what it might feel like to feel sexy up top.
I am excited about the Big Day..but also very nervous. One day I cannot wait to have it done, and the next day I am contemplating cancelling it. I have read everything I can find on the internet and researched it to death. lol.. making myself crazy.

Thanks to all for reading my story, and any advice that you may have would be so appreciated.

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Hi sunset~ congrats on scheduling your surgery! I had my BA done 5 months ago and could not be happier! I was had sad, saggy breasts too.This whole experience has been life changing. It's actually FUNto buy pretty lingerie now...I burned all my old padded bras.!!! Lol Thanks for sharing your story:-)
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Kooberry, I am so glad that your BA turned out great. I love to hear about all of the burned padded bras! I can't wait to set my whole sad unfitting bra collection on fire. lol I can't imagine being able to walk into Victoria's Secret and find something that fits right and that I feel great in. :)
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Thanks Angiemcc.. I appreciate the support. :)
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I'm so glad you found us, too! I agree that those men are insecure. It's more about confidence for us ladies and not about wanting to go out and slut it up. I'm glad you're being true to yourself and getting this done because you want to. We're here for you, so please keep us posted on your journey.

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