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Latisse Applicator Needs Revision - Los Gatos, CA

For a drug that should be applied with absolute...

For a drug that should be applied with absolute precision, the brush supplied is too wide, too stiff, and repels the liquid, making it next to impossible not to cover areas of lid where lashes don't grow, not to mention it running into eye, causing lots of excess eye matter in the morning. I have also wasted drops attempting to get product properly on brush. I understand need to keep bacteria free, but am planning to by a real liner brush and just clean and use alcohol.


This is the real problem with Latisse applicators, not whether you can use them over. They should package the drops in a pen-shaped tube with a tiny pipette at the end, that could either be replaced, sanitized, or just reused. If directions are followed, the risk of infection is minimal.
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Yep, that'd be nice, but I don't think the pharmaceutical companies would spend the extra money in redesigning the product's brushes and MAINLY now with the Obama care crap that's coming up. We'll be lucky if we can even get the brushes, let alone Latisse -a real shame! Thanx for your reply. ~ Pelusita
I agree with your sentiments about Obamacare, but I think cosmetics & elective medicine are going to be the only profitable areas left. Lets hope!
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Product fine, applicator terrible

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