Xeomin Hurt when Withdrawing Needle - Carlsbad, CA

Only had 1 vile for crowsfeet. 24 hours later- I...

Only had 1 vile for crowsfeet. 24 hours later- I still have wrinkles closer to the eye lid area but its also very dry this time of year and Ill write back to see what happens after I hydrate this week.
The needle hurt like crazy when pulling out. Going in was fine and I always ask for a numbing cream as Im pretty sensitive person and have needle phobias ;( ( I dont want to feel anything!).
Overall- I asked for more of an eye lift effect. So two injections at crows feet and one just outside the lateral eyebrow.
Works fast - I no longer see the intense crinkling/wrinkling when I smile. If I add oils to diet, water and proper nutrition Ill see even better results.
Botox was pretty cheap (9$ a CC) but I think Im paying same for Xeomin. Ill have to check my records.
Botox gave me headaches. I could feel the botox moving to the back of my skull each night after sleep. My light headaches would start moving to the back of my head form the injection site and ceased after 2 weeks. ( but didnt happen as badly 2nd time).
So Ill be doing more research here to see if anyone else had pain with the needle with Xeomin. Or if its just me or my Dr. or...coincidence. Back later with photo.
10/17/14: Had it a second time. This time I took some codeine. lol - which really helped with feeling -- well -- of anything :) I haven't gotten the post-headaches ( without codeine) . Just crows feet thus far. Nothing in the forehead yet.
Sounds like a weird coincidence on the needle thing. Maybe your provider used a different needle. From what I was told and what I've read it's the same stuff.
It takes a few weeks to really kick in.. Be patient mine lasted six months!! But yes it hurts more definitely!!!!!
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