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Hi i have used the derma roller 5 times a week for...

Hi i have used the derma roller 5 times a week for the past 7 weeks and have seen no improvement what so ever..All the reviews i have read say its worked within days ..well it hasnt for me at all what a waste. i do keep falling for it so maybe im too blame but who can you trust when so desperate to get rid of some lines above my lips.

i have also tried pixel laser and that was no use either. is there really anything that works out there rather than me making bad choices and losing money all the time..

derma roller site online

i got it after much extensive viewing from the site to no avail it doesnt work or hasnt so far but no change what so ever so i guess it wont work i will still use it and would report back if any changes occur

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TerrinPhx sums it up perfectly. You won't get a result with less than a 1.5mm roller. Less than this and you won't penetrate the skin which is required to produce a result. Be careful before considering longer than 1.5mm for the face though - that really should be left to the professionals. You should not do this more than every 6-8 weeks - this allows the skin time to repair which is the whole point - it is this repair process that brings results. As with building muscle in the gym - the excess weight you lift stresses the muscle which brings an increase in muscle mass when the muscle repairs. I have recently started combining my 6 week dermaroller session with a chemical peel. I apply the peel first (exactly to manufacturer instructions) wait a few hours to calm down and then apply the topical numbing cream, 45 mins later I roll away. I am really seeing great results - not miracles but definite visible improvement. Hope this helps.
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Hi! How many times have you rolled? What size roller? Are you treating scarring?
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HI IceAge..I have been rolling for just over a year with 1.5mm on face. I use the roller primarily just to keep skin looking good, which it really has shown noticeable improvement. If you are using for the first time look at some of the pro doctor videos on youtube...not the amateur ones...good luck
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I recommend Derma Roller to be done by a skin care professional. Never buy a made-in-china cheap roller from Amazon.. There are techniques for derma roller and protocols.. I read tons of reviews of derma-rollers in amazon and these people don't know what they are doing. I love the way professionals do derma-roller in Australia. Contrary clients down here in the U.S. who think they are doing a great job by shopping for the lowest quality rollers on amazon and ebay. Dermarolled 5 TIMES, I must laugh at this one.
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HI Kenz,

Welcome tot he Derma Roller community. I'm sorry as of yet you are not happy with the Derma Roller. You might want to check out the answers to the question, Does Derma Roller Work for Deep Acne Scars, in our doctor Q&A. The doctors have provided their opinion on the procedure. Please keep us updated if the results change and how you are doing.

Thanks so much for the review,


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You're only supposed to roll every 6 to 8 weeks to allow for collagen remodeling. The size of the roller also dictates the effects that you will achieve. I personally use a 1.5mm roller and have had great results. I don't use the DermaRoller brand, but rather a surgical steel roller that I bought off of ebay - I regularly sanitize during each rolling and apply a vitamin c serum before and after. I've rolled twice now and love the results. It is not pain free, but it is tolerable and way less expensive than any of the laser treatments that I've had done.
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