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Slightly Painful and Uncomfortable So Far - Cape Girardeau, MO

I just started invisalign yesterday morning with...

I just started invisalign yesterday morning with my first tray. Removing my top tray was fairly easy, but my bottom tray really hurt! It took me 15 minutes to remove my bottom tray the first time, and when it was finally off, my teeth were bleeding from them being irritated and tugged on. Had to take some percocet last night so that I could sleep, but woke up this morning not even realizing I had the trays in! Today has been so much better!! My teeth are now starting to hurt when I am eating and don't have the trays in, so I know they are already starting to move. Removing them is only taking me a couple minutes now, and I'm no longer in pain. I'm starting to get excited about this whole process. I've needed braces since I was a kid, and now that I can afford them, I will be willing to be in every picture possible, (especially after my treatment is complete in about 20 months).

5/25/12- This is my 3rd full day with invisalign....

5/25/12- This is my 3rd full day with invisalign. I don't have any pain from the trays and I actually forget they are in sometimes! My issue now are the rubber bands. I have one on each side to correct my overbite and they are rubbing up against the inside of my cheeks. I am now developing sores inside my mouth,(kind of like canker sores). My teeth don't hurt, but my mouth does because of the sores and the rubber bands. I'm hoping that my skin will toughen up and I will just get used to the bands rubbing against my cheeks. I can already feel a difference in the way my trays are fitting,(especially my bottom one). They aren't as tight-fitting anymore, so I'm assuming that they have already moved. I did have a little episodewhen I was working last night....I started getting depressed because everyone around me was eating whatever they wanted and there I was eating soup. My teeth are so sensitive and hurt so much right now, that I can't chew on anything!! Everyone keeps telling me that in about a week I will be back to eating normal foods. I just hope they are right, cause otherwise, I might give up already.
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How are your cheeks doing now? Have they gotten use to the rubber bands or are they still feeling pretty irritated??

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Congratulations on getting started!! I'm so glad to hear that things have gotten quite a bit better for you just in the little amount of time you have been wearing the trays. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing in the next few days. :)

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