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I had no idea how much my "heavy eyelids" had...

I had no idea how much my "heavy eyelids" had affected my peripheral vision, until Dr. Dickerson took a look. I completed a field vision test through my eye doctor, to find out that I had significant loss of vision, particularly in my upper vision area. Dr. D and staff worked with my insurance company to document and ensure that the surgery was medically necessary, and went above and beyond when my insurance approved the surgery. My surgical authorization was approved before the letter was received, and Dr. D's staff called and received an extension to the surgery. I was scheduled right away, all my questions and concerns were addressed both before and after my surgery, and my recovery has been, as expected, uneventful. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. D, Tony, and all the staff for their caring, compassion, and attention to detail. I have complete confidence and trust in their care. And, I already have compliments on how well my new eyes look!


Thanks for sharing.  Can you tell us a little more about what the surgery experience and your recovery were like?
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I'll be happy to! My surgery was done at a hospital, as an outpatient. I was admitted, had an iv started, and my doctor, Dr. Dickerson, arrived about 45 minutes later. Dr. D marked my eyelids with a marker to indicate exactly the areas that needed surgery and injected each eye with an medicine to help with swelling and local anesthetic. I was wheeled into the surgical area, given a very light anesthesia (I remember nothing/felt nothing), and next thing I remember was waking up in recovery, sitting up, and very comfortable. I went home about an hour later with ice packs for my eyes and felt really well. I did take a pain pill when I got home, but the pain as not too terrible, I just wanted to be comfortable. I kept the ice packs on and off the rest of that day and the next (10 minutes on/10 minutes off). The ice felt really good on my eyes. The next day, my eyes were "puffy" and with the incisions, I kind of looked like Alice Cooper, the musician. Instead of stitches, Dr. Dickerson used dura-bond (similar to surgical super glue) to close the incisions. I also used antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) on both incisions, twice a day, for a week. I returned for my post-op appointment 8 days later, still have a little bruising, and Dr. D was pleased with my progress. I am now 13 days post-op, I have little to no bruising. There is still a little "puffiness" around the eyes, but not much, and I am still a little sore around the eyelids, if I blink too hard, raise my eyebrows, or otherwise overuse my eyelids. I feel like I am still recovering, but overall I am really pleased with how everything turned out. Hope this helps!
That is great!  Thanks for adding that.  The puffiness will come and go for a while, keep us posted on how your continued healing goes :)
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Dr. Dickerson not only explained my procedure, but also gave me a complete packet of information about what to expect, before, during and after surgery. I had time to read through, make notes to myself about questions unique to my health, so that I could research and ask my doctor.

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