More Than I Wanted to Spend but Like the Results-Canton, Ma

I went to a girlfriend's botox party out of...

I went to a girlfriend's botox party out of curiousity and to support her. She told us it was $10 per unit so it sounded cheap until I found out that I need 20 units just between my brows nevermind all the other areas. It worked beautifully but I'm not convinced $460 in a good price to have two areas done. I'm here simply looking for what the best price I could get to do a similar job.

I thought going from "$10 a unit" to $460 for just two areas (my "11" and crowsfeet) was outrageous. When I told the doctor I was a new client, had never tried botox before and was unemployed, I thought she might provide a financial discount for my situation. I was wrong.

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Hi Spa Gal,

How did they charge you $460, calculating out 11 areas at $10 a piece is only $110, were your crow feet another $350? That seems like a lot, did they not tell you it was going to be so much before they did it? At least you are happy with the results on your face, I would be furious if I got charged so much and had a bad experience, so I'm happy at least it turned out OK. Here is some info from our expert Q&A about Botox prices, maybe it will help. Thanks for joining the community, please keep me updated.


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