More Than I Wanted to Spend but Like the Results-Canton, Ma

I went to a girlfriend's botox party out of...

I went to a girlfriend's botox party out of curiousity and to support her. She told us it was $10 per unit so it sounded cheap until I found out that I need 20 units just between my brows nevermind all the other areas. It worked beautifully but I'm not convinced $460 in a good price to have two areas done. I'm here simply looking for what the best price I could get to do a similar job.

I thought going from "$10 a unit" to $460 for just two areas (my "11" and crowsfeet) was outrageous. When I told the doctor I was a new client, had never tried botox before and was unemployed, I thought she might provide a financial discount for my situation. I was wrong.


Hi Spa Gal,

How did they charge you $460, calculating out 11 areas at $10 a piece is only $110, were your crow feet another $350? That seems like a lot, did they not tell you it was going to be so much before they did it? At least you are happy with the results on your face, I would be furious if I got charged so much and had a bad experience, so I'm happy at least it turned out OK. Here is some info from our expert Q&A about Botox prices, maybe it will help. Thanks for joining the community, please keep me updated.


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It's not $10 per area it's $10/ unit. It is about 20 units in between the brows. That sounds about right and depending on your other areas you had done it could of been that much. Being unemployed unfortunately does not change how much something costs.
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