Almost Did It Myself when I Was 10years Old.

5 weeks post and i can finally relax, knowing all...

5 weeks post and i can finally relax, knowing all the possible risk did not happen. in fact things went better then i expected, right after my procedure, i hooped on a coach for 2 hours, then on a train for 15mins. only had pain on the day of surgery, no pain or bleeding. my first few days, i went through every emotion possible, but i had wanted this done for so long, hands down the best choice i have made. i want to help any of you ladies out there. dont let the horror stories put u off like it almost did with me, if u have a great surgeon, and do all that u need to do, u will have a great succes story. i wrestle for a living, and 1 month after the proceder, i was back in a wrestling ring kicking ass... its almost like ive not had anything done, only, now i have a gorgous vjayjay to match my gorgous self. please feel free to ask questions ladys, and wish u all the best!! ps make sure you tell ur doctor the outcome u want, i made sure i told him to leave me some lips, i didnt want all of it gone, as i believe we should have a little something there, he did just as i ask, and im now the happiest women in the world, its a great feeling to know i can do it with the lights on now... in fact, il b daamed to ever switch them off lol :P
What was your doctors name? And how much did the surgery cost in total?
Welcome!!  Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us, this helps so many other women who may be considering this procedure. It's a pretty heavy weight to carry around when something so private bothers you, I am glad you finally unloaded that weight. You sound so happy :) 

Which method did your Doctor use?
yes, im very happy, been wanting to do it a very long time. i had the trim method, surgeon was very good, only 6 weeks post and i cant see no scars :)
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