Can't Believe I Was So Nervous :) Vaser Smart Lipo is So Worth It

I just had my Vaser Smart Lipo yesterday at 11am. ...

I just had my Vaser Smart Lipo yesterday at 11am. I had my upper/lower abs and flanks done. I was back to my friend by 1:30pm. I walked out of there with no pain, just a little loopy.

I took a sedative and 2 vicadin before I had my pictures taken. My areas being done were iodined down and then I lay on the table. The doctor numbed the area he was going to insert the tubes. He inserted a tube to put the solution in and there was no burning sensation. It did hurt a little, more uncomfortable than anything. The laser and sucking out was fine, couple of ouchie spots but bearable.

I came home and slept for a couple of hours, there was a lot of drainage last night and this morning but very easy to deal with. I showered this afternoon and put on a size smaller compression garment...Hurrah!! I definitely recommend taking the pain meds and the Tylenol PM to sleep through the night. I slept like a baby.

I look smaller already, can't wait for the swelling to be gone so I can see what I look like, but if this is it, I'm thrilled. It's only been a day and I'm happy.

It's been 2 days and I just feel like...

It's been 2 days and I just feel like I worked out too much...I have one tiny little bruise

I ordered a size smaller compression garment because this one is feeling loose.  I hope to get it by Tuesday.  I don't want uneven compression.  The swelling looks so much better.  I go in May 15th for my follow up.  I can't wait to wear regular clothes.  

Dr. Dave E David

Very caring and talked to me throughout the whole procedure so, I knew what was happening. He called to make sure I was doing well the night of the procedure.

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Hi, Are the scars visible? Are Dr. D's prices expensive? Can you give me a breakout of price for each area? Thank you so much. Jessica

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Hi- How are you feeling about your results now that you're a year out? Who was your doctor?
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oh thank you so much for your response back,i was soo worried that it wasnt a safe practice...good luck w the innner thighs!;)
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Yay congrats do u know how much he sucked out ?? Mine hurt a lot It was very painful near the end Got it done on Friday upper n lower abs My stomach is flatter just not as much as I hoped Sigh ! Hoping it's swelling It's day 3 I guess I should give it a chance
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Mazza, He sucked out 1300cc's. There was 700 cc's from my abs and about 300 cc's each flank. I heard it takes about 2+ weeks for the swelling to go down. Did you find your compression garment is a little loose now??
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I was wondering if your doc did the local anesthsia his self or used an anestisaligst?im gong in on the 21st. and i would like to do a local too..thanx! ;)
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mward, He used a combination of saline solution and lidocaine. He did it himself, it did hurt a little but a nurse held my hand so I could squeeze it when I felt anything. I could walk right out without feeling like I was going to fall over. Felt a little buzzed but I was fine. I think I'm going to go back and have my inner thighs done :)
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