Disaster in Cancun, Scam by Sheri Burke and Dr. Valesco - Cancun, Mexico

Had a full face lift and arm reduction by Dr....

Had a full face lift and arm reduction by Dr. Valesco back in November 2012. Its been the worse experience of my life. Ended up with skin necrosis and a hemotoma and now after 8 months I need surgery here in Canada to repair the damage done in Cancun. I would never never recommend Dr. Valesco to ANYONE!! Its a shame that people like myself and many other have had such terrible experiences with those two!

I agree stay away from this Dr., he doesn't seem to know what he is doing and he charges for things you don't ever get and does not give your money back. Says you can come back and he will fix it. No way would I let him touch me again. I spent months in wound care her in the US and had to be cut wide open again by a plastic surgeron to repair all the mess that was left with infected stitches. My daughter had to have surgery again to after getting back to the states because of infection.
So so so sorry to hear your story, but I feel your pain. I will be praying for you because I know what an emotional time this can be.
Missmic, no I had done some research and Like I said Sheri had given me names of people that apparently went for surgery in Mexico - Cancun by this doctor, but who knows she probably paid them to say good things, knowing her she is capable of anything. Trust me, I guess I didn't do enough research!!! Should of stayed home in Canada and had it done here, in the the long run, it would of been cheaper.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

He sure didn't know what he was doing. I will post pictures as soon as possible. My face is still full of wrinkles, My neck is also a disaster!!!!! Please don't go to Mexico, spend the extra money and get it done at home!!!!!!!!

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