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I traveled to Cancun Mexico as a dental tourist to...

I traveled to Cancun Mexico as a dental tourist to have old veneers replaced. What a terrible misguided naive mistake it was. I found a dentist over the internet that seemed more than capable of preforming such a task. His website had allot of things you would look for like a licensed dentist, accredited, ADA, ACCD, and MTA logos. And of course the internet supplied good reviews.

Long story short the dentist prepped my teeth for crowns not veneers as asked. He shaved and drilled every tooth over the biological margins. X Ray shows drill marks in bone above some of the teeth he over worked. He also left plastic particles embedded in my gum and caused a terrible infection. I traveled back home to be immediately seen by a local dentist who then sent me to a oral surgeon. I had to have extensive crown lengthening surgery on seven out of the nine teeth. Gum replacement surgery, and three root canals and replace all the terrible huge white crowns. Two teeth could not be saved because of the over prepping by the cancun cosmetic dentist in Mexico. I will now need bone grafting and implants to solve that problem.

I really put my trust in this dentist an have since realized he was so very undeserving of it and any one else's for that matter. I am now certain that the majority of those glowing reviews were fake. He is not accredited and the logos on his website are there because he has paid a basic membership fee to display them which I believe he is doing to make himself look more legitimate. I guess you can say I was fooled by some pretty spiffy advertisements and a sweet taking patient management team. I feel very violated and deceived. To make things worse I know it was all because he wanted my dental tourism dollars.

I paid him over seven thousand dollars and that is all I will ever be to him a foreign dollar sign . The clinic/dentist never apologized, and did not refund the money. They only sent me threats if I came forward with my story. In the end he did destroy my teeth and to date has cost me thirty thousand dollars but he can never silence me or bully me. Our change who God intended me to be. Thank you reading about my experience. I hope my story helps others.


Hello Jim, do you think porcelain is better than crowns in terms of breath control
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This is among on of the worst dental tourism stories that I have read coming out of Cancun Mexico. Mind blowing to think that a dentist could make such mistakes with a patient and not rectify what she/he has done. This is a good example of why dental tourists need to take precautions. You wrote that you fell for "spiffy advertising" it seems more like you fell for false advertising. Often we can read posts by people posing as dental tourism shoppers. The post will generally read something like "I read many complaints but decided to go anyway and I am so happy I did because I had no problems at all" or the most common used goes like this: "Anyone know of a good dentist in Mexico" then immediately there is post supplying a detailed description of contacts and costs or ''hey anyone hear of complaints about Dr.____ ?" response - "No, I can't find any at all and I heard that he's the best, 100% guaranteed" This is called astro-turfing, an unethical practice for dentists anywhere. Thank you for sharing your experience. Good luck with your future surgeries. I am guessing you will be having your dental procedures done where you live?
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Hello Land, I will have those surgeries done in Canada with a very good periodontist who teaches at our university. On the topic of the dentist rectifying. It may not of been his intention to harm me but he had the opportunity to at least apologize and refund my money right then but he did not and that act is intentional. In fact they still tried to put 1300 hundred dollars through on my credit card. Thank goodness the credit card company judged it as fraud and didn't let it go through. That was a three month investigation and something I didn't need while getting all those surgeries done and just added insult to injury. I remember looking at him and saying I traveled all this way to see you and look what you did to me and he just blankly stared at me. Anyway thank you for contributing such good advise. I wish I had known some of it before I went on my dental trip.

Crown lengthening photos

Photos and part of an eight page report provided to me by the specialist correcting the dental work done in Cancun Mexico.


Islands, you may want to refer your questions to Cancun cosmetic dentist Dr.German Arzate of Cancun Top Dental/Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry or ask one of his good review patients. Sorry cant help you.
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Photographs showing the damage done to my teeth.


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Thanks Petemac, wishing you the best.
I found your RealSelf review linked under another ex patient on YouTube (Pete Macmullin). Your story has been referred to and I am glad I found it. This is just awful I cant understand how a dentist could be so callous. I don't care if he is in Mexico or not this is just unacceptable and heartless. I learned allot from this site today regarding dental tourism and if it is any consolation you have surely helped me. The surgery photos look painful...get well soon!
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New crowns... yeah!!!

Eight new porcelain crowns from right to left. Two teeth in the far back on the left were the old crowns still attached to the teeth that could not be saved. Will post more clinical photos when I see my great dentist again.


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Hi everyone, thanks for the complements on my new crowns. Hell of a experience getting it all fixed. My teeth were fixed in Vancouver Canada. I hope others do not get confused or wonder if I am saying that all dentists in Cancun are bad because I do not think so. I'm not narrow minded. I just had a bad experience with ONE dentist that happens to practice there. Even though no one asked for a recommendation for a dentist in Cancun I think its ok that gxsrannie provided one but the thread did start to get a bit tedious and confusing. If ok Id like to suggest anyone interested in her dentist could private message gxsrannie or post under her review that she has submitted on RealSelf by clicking on her username. I have stated before that I did not do enough research before going on my dental vacation so I advise anyone interested to be careful and learn as much as you can about the industries pros and cons and to use a medical provider. Best wishes everyone.
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Cancun Cosmetic Dentist German Arzate

Would like to clarify that my experience was with Dr.German Arzate of Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry also known previously as Dental Maya. My botched dental work was corrected by two dentists located in Vancouver Canada.


I cannot imagine going to another country for cosmetic work, I assume to save money. I check credentials of all cosmetic dentists personally. What were you thinking!
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I know for most people it would sound crazy right from the start. I had lived in several countries outside Canada in the past when I traveled for work and had dental work done in Italy with no issues. That experience probably influenced me in trusting that all would be well. I sure do regret it today and personally feel I made the worse choice in dentists in Cancun. Seeing that even after my teeth were butchered, Dr. German Arzate still to this day has not come forth with any compassion or resolution to the disaster he caused and that further enforces my feelings regarding him. The reason I contributed my story on RealSelf is to help educate others on dental tourism. Mic123, checking credentials is extremely important. Thank you for your contribution.
MANY people cross the border at San Diego area as does a friend of mine who is a chiropractor near Tahoe, NV. I can find out the name, but friend has been quite pleased with two implants. I am considering going to him myself from SW FL.
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