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Had my first Fraxel last week for wrinkles and...

Had my first Fraxel last week for wrinkles and mild pigmentation. More painful than I expected. Very swollen the next 2 days with eyes very puffy and skin very red, then dry and peeling = was told to expect this so no problem. Developed 6 very ugly cold sores on nose and top of lip, which I wasn't happy about. They've gone away now (Day 9) after first Fraxel. Am supposed to have 2 more treatments but am not yet convinced about the results. Any thoughts? Am I just being too impatient?

Clear Complexions Clinic

Procedure performed by nurses not doctor. They were very helpful and reassuring.

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Only Dr run clinics should be doing this procedure. You should have been warned about the high likelihood of cold sores as this can leave scars. Dr would have been able to provide you with a script to take prior to your fractionated laser treatment (Pearl) and you would have only needed one treatment, therefore only one downtime and recovery. Dr can also provide far better pain management than nurses or beauty therapist can provide.

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I agree with the above comment. If I were receiving the treatment I would go one step further & make sure it was being administered by a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Many of the horror stories are sadly the result of a laser being used by unskilled hands. :-/

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I'm sorry the Fraxel was more painful than you expected. Did they numb you at all for it?

As for the cold sores, here is a Q&A that may be of interest to you:

Why Would Taking Valtrex Before Fraxel Be Manditory, Even for Those Without Any Type of Herpes?


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I would not be happy with the cold sore breakout.  Ask about the antiviral medication for prevention of cold sores.   

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