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One Year After Invisalign - Canada

First time I had them, I begin to immediately...

First time I had them, I begin to immediately regret it. They were tight, painful and took me half an hour to remove them the first time. It got better with subsequent trays and I began to learn how to take them off easily. In the end, the payoff is having nice teeth. Now I'll say that this was the best decision I've made for myself.

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Hello, I am wearing invisalign..! I would like to use plastic trays as retainers too..!

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Glad you were able to make it through the first part of treatment & that you are loving your smile now! :)

Did you get a bonded retainer or what style did you go with?

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Thanks for moving my review to the right place, Megan! I'm wearing removable plastic trays as retainers. They look similiar to the invisalign trays, but much thicker.
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It makes sense they would be thicker so they hold up longer. Do you find the thickness to be uncomfortable at all, or do you not really even notice it?

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