Vaser on Male Buttocks

Had vaser done 12 days ago. I am a 36 yr old that...

Had vaser done 12 days ago. I am a 36 yr old that had excess fat on buttocks. I lift weights 4/5 days a week, play hockey 2 times a week as well as other cardio. Per cent of body fat is approx 10-12%.

Procedure was painfull and the pain 12 days out is still quite bad (I tend to have a high pain threshold). Incisions were left open to drain excess fluid but these closed up after a day. Thus there was severe swelling and massive bruising. Compression garmet made this worse so I stopped wearing it and swelling started to subside.

Can already see results and jeans fit me better now than before procedure.

Hi canuck, thanks very much for your response. When you said 2 cups, you meant cups not liters right (which is the unit of measure I have heard most Plastic Surgeons give)? 2 cups works out to about 500cc's (1/2 a liter) which is definitely on the lower end, but I know there are problems with the buttocks given that it tends to have less skin elasticity. Sounds like the pain was from the muscle damage which is a bummer hope that's not permanent.
About 10 weeks out and I would say that the results are postive but I am somewhat disappointed as I had hoped for better results esp. given paying $4k. The Dr. extracted about 2 cups of fat total. This was the first time he had done male buttocks so he tended to be conservative and went deep into the fat layer. This resulted in significant pain and bruising as there was some muscle damage. I would definenitly request a more aggresive approach if I was took do it over again. There was persistant pain after 10 weeks and after 12 I have started running again with some discomfort.
Hi, was the procedure worthwhile, and have you seen significant improvement? I am in a similar situation also looking for vaser of the buttocks. Do you know how much the doctor removed? thanks
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