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TT W/o MR, Lipo, BA - Canada

Hey! I’m a 22 year old female. No children. So...

Hey! I’m a 22 year old female. No children.
So basically when I was younger I was pretty overweight (almost 300 pounds at 14). During secondary school (16 years old) I decided to make a lifestyle change and lost over 100 pounds by changing my diet and starting to exercise. This was great! But after losing all that weight I was left with deflated breasts and an apron for a belly. I’ve thought about this long and hard for a good 5 years and started the process in April. To be honest I’m a long time RealSelf lurker and it was many of you and your reviews that got me going and made me set my date finally.

Congrats on the new adventure that you are about to undertake. Take care of God Bless!

On the day of surgery I can honest to God say i...

On the day of surgery I can honest to God say i almost died of fear. I got to the surgical centre, I was put in my private room to prepare. I got my gown on and then when i was time to walk on it I wanted to run out of there, Luckily my ride had left because if it was an option I would have bolted. Anyways the last thing I remember is the DR saying I was about to go under.

When I woke up oh dear mother of pear did I have the worst chills ever. I couldnt find a comfortable position. My back hurt and there was just no pleasing me. But I think that was due to coming out of the meds and stuff. After a few hours of doxing in and out of sleep they took out my catherter and had me hobble on over to the bathroom.

Here was a bit tramatic for me as I remember being upset that I could sit down all the way. Anyways... To be honest getting up and walking around is the best part. I kept getting up and now i feel less stiff!
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