Tummy Tuck for Huge Hanging "Tire"

I had a tummy tuck about 12 weeks ago. Is it...

I had a tummy tuck about 12 weeks ago. Is it normal to still be experiencing a small amount of spotting (blood - red) in a couple spots along the incision?

Great experience with my doctor. Slower recovery then I expected. Very little pain with the procedure. Love the results, was sick of having a huge hanging "Tire", although I thought my stomach would be flatter.

Dr. Michael Kriedstein

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Hello, Fen 2011. Does anyone know where she got that tummytuck done for that good price?
Im looking for an Ontario/NY or near me area clinic for under $5,000.
If it is at all actually possible.?
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Hi wondering where in canada you had this done if i can get the name of the doctor? What a good price. Thankyou
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Hi Loved my {edited} (you can google him and find his web site) Also e-mail him about any questions he will answer personally. He is located in Toronto Ontario. Keep in touch.

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Where did you go in Canada to get the surgery and who was your doctor?
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You probably have a suture reaction in few spots of the incision. See you PS will be able to help
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