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Girls I Need Your Help! - Toronto, ON

Hi, my name is Leo i'm 21 years old,married,no...

Hi, my name is Leo i'm 21 years old,married,no kids.I live in Canada,Toronto. All my life I was very skinny, with the growth of 163 cm my weight is 43 kg.I wear a 32A bra and it's not actually what i want to have ((I don't feel that i'm sexy,even when my husband tell me that i'm the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world...I can't wear a swimsuit and other clothing...
That's why i decide to get a breast augmentation.

But i don't know which surgeon to choose...maybe there are somebody who live in Canada,Toronto and get the breast augmentation and can suggest me something ??
I want to know everything : price,attitude of surgeon and his/her team,Pre-op and post-op feelings...
Thanks a lot to everyone who writes me a review !Have a great day!

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hey hows it going did you book a date yet?
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Hi Leo: I had mine done by Dr. Lista at the Plastic Surgery clinice in Mississauga. He's very good, professional and BS. You can call them/go on line and arrange for a free consultation. The staff is very friendly, you can also get a price if you email them. Personally I think you should wait until you have kids. Your body really changes. I just had mine done last year, I'm 55 years old (but I wish I had done it 15 years ago), not in my 20's. Let me know what you decide.
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Dear Hotgrandma thank you for review! I don't think that my body will change after baby birth,i have as example my mom - she is 48 years old and her weight is 43-42 kg (but she is a little bit taller than me (i am 163cm) ).She have same bust size as me. After 2 pregnancies her body changed in opposite side,she become more skinny than she was...And her bust now looks like a men body! And i'm afraid that I inherited her genes ...that's why i'm totally decided to get a BA. Anyway thank you very much for review and for taking care of me! I really appreciate that!
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Hey Leo welcome aboard! I understand you wanting to find the best doctor in your area. That is the first step in having a wonderful BA process. Just by glancing on here I found 2 names. Martin Jugenburg, MD and Asif Pirani, MD. I'd check them out both on real self and online. And then set up consults with both and gauge which one you feel most comfortable with. And we are all here if you need us! I'm learning more myself everyday about my upcoming BA so I'm always ready to lend a hand in doing research. If you need any support please let me know!!
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Hi bkraz1109 :) Martin Jugenburg, MD was number one in my surgeon list...Now I am even more confident in my choice!thank you for helping me!
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awesome! i looked over his reviews before telling you to check him out and they all seem great. have you gone for a consult yet? keep us posted of whats going on we are all interested to see how it all turns out : )
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. If you go to this page, you'll see doctors in Toronto who do breast augmentations as well as reviews. I hope it helps!

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