Brown Eyebrow Tattoo Turned Black After 1st Session with Laser Removal

I had a little eyebrow hair and when i was just 18...

I had a little eyebrow hair and when i was just 18 i had the tattooed. after a year i realized that they are ugly and i don't like them. i tried to fix them many times but i am still not satisfied with their look. i wish i had no eyebrow at all than having what i have now.

i am trying to remove them by laser treatments now but the problem is they are brow and they turned to black color after the fist session. i wonder what is going to happen after the second session?

I have a brown eyebrow tattoo, and i wanted to remove them by laser but they turned black after the first treatment. is there any chance they going to lighten after the second laser session?
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I had a test patch on my brown and it turned black too, but it is cleaning now. I will see how it goes, but definitely do not want to end up with black eybrows.
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I agree with the other poster. I went to a dr to get other tattoos removed and he would not remove my eyebrows, saying it was highly possible they would turn black.
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The reason that your permanent makeup turned black is because the ink used in the makeup most likely had titanium in it. (It's not like the regular ink in tattoos). The person performing the tattoo removal should have known that and advised you of it before hand. It will continue to turn black, and you need to go to someone who specializes in permanent makeup removal, not just tattoo removal.
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How would the doctor know whether or not the ink had titanium in it?

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