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I had the Smartxide Jan21 just the bottom half of...

I had the Smartxide Jan21 just the bottom half of face, I am 58years old and had sun damage and heavy wrinkles around my mouth and upper lip, although the wrinkles are still there, they are very much improved. I love the way I look and was told by friends and family that I look great. I am going back on the 8th of April to get the top half done, can't wait. I had no pain afterwards and only a little stinging during the proceedure. My before and after pictures are awesome and I would recommend this to all ladies but one more thing and that is I believe the outcome may depend on skin texture and my skin is soft. Good luck ladies.


Hi elly,

Welcome to the Smartxide community. Did you have only the bottom half of your face first because you were testing it out? You mentioned that the lines are less, which is great. Are you going back in the future to have the whole face done once the top half is healed? We would love to see those awesome before and after pictures, if you are comfortable sharing. Please keep us updated.

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I have been seeing my dr. For 2 years and have been getting bottom and I love everything about her, very professional and explanatory

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