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Havent gotten surgery yet. have my consultation on...

Havent gotten surgery yet. have my consultation on the 17th. i really dont like my profile at all. its so long and has a bump. and i want my nose to be thinner. I really hope the doctor can fix this! do you think i will have a pretty nose after? and do you know if i can have this done under local anesthesia ? im too scared to have it done under general.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Sometimes people are able to get rhinoplasty done under twilight sedation, but it depends on what needs to be done and what doctor you choose. I know general anesthesia can be scary. Here's what some doctors say about that.

Also, here's a list of questions to ask your prospective surgeons.

I hope this helps and please keep us posted.

Hey Jenna, I think ur nose is beautiful the way it is! I see a slight bump but wouldn't have noticed it if u didn't write about it. Your nose bothers you? How does it make you feel? I got mine done because I thought my nose was masculine and I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin. I encourage to you to think about why youre wanting to do this. Sometimes I don't understand why ppl get Nose jobs because their nose is perfectly fine, but I can understand it if their nose hinders their happiness and well being.... Anyway, just know that I think your nose is beautiful and I think it fits your face. It doesn't stick out too much and is actually quite feminine. Good luck in your decision.
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