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Hi I had my 1st Septo-rhinoplasty (endo) last...

I had my 1st Septo-rhinoplasty (endo) last year (Aug.2011)
But I noticed that the bump was still there after the surgery!! They told me to wait...might be the swelling...but... I didn't go away and I finally did a revision 2 weeks ago (Oct.26)
I could hear the rasping that lasted maybe 5 min!...
My surgeon kept telling me: it's not good to rasp too much!!!
So after removing the tape I noticed the SAME bump, SAME size!!!! I was gonna SHOCKED!!!
I'm extremely sad right now!! I'll see him in about 1/5 month and I don't even know how I'm going to TALK to him!!!
Do you think it's too early to judge?
I'll appreciate so much if you tell me what you think!

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Hey, When I first had my closed rhinoplasty, I had the biggest curved nose. Once we took off the cast, it looked good. 2 hours later, it looked like I had zero work done to my nose. I was so surprised that by 5 months in, my nose changed so much. The skin kind of warped to it, and the hump got smaller. The doctor didn't really completely straighten my nose so there is a bump, but it did go down! Be patient!
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Hi, I got my cast off a week ago and saw same as you that I still had the same bump on my nose. The nurse said this will settle down and it has done a bit, but I can still fell it under the skin. It def looks less than last week though!! Has yours changed at all yet? X
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Hi, I'm now 1 month post-op and unfortunately the bump has not gone! I'm very disappointed and sad! imagine I did 2 surgeries and still not getting the result I want!!! :(((((
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Aww no :-( I'm sorry to hear that. My bump is gradually going - some days it is even flat and then others it's there. my nose is behaving very strangely lol!! I still pick faults with mine on a bad day, although love it so much most days, but on the bad days I just feel like why can't I have a pefect nose after two surgeries and resent people who have naturally lovely noses grrr!! Will keep everything cross for you than your bump settles!! If not, see what options you have with the surgeon if that's something you discussed being reduced x
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Hi, I think your nose looks great. I do see the very tiny bump and I would talk to your surgeon about it - I don't think you'll be able to stop yourself from doing so, but I would say it's too early to judge it. I still had a bump on the top of my nose after my first rhinoplasty and this disappeared after about 3 weeks - 1 month with the majority of the swelling. I did find the bump still remained at the sides after around a year when all the swelling went though, grr, but the one of top definitiely disappeared :-) hope you feel better soon, I had a revision 3 days ago and my right nostril is about half a cm lower than my left. I can't stop looking at it in the mirror and thinking how horrid it looks, but trying to push it out of my mind as it is definitely still too early for me to judge. Let us know how you get on with your surgeon x
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Sorry you're having a tough recovery...where is the bump you're referring to? Your nose looks really straight to me in these photos.

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