Radiesse Injected Superficially---I Don't Know Which Layer Are They Exist! - Canada

I injected Radiesse 3 month ago in my chin,Now i...

I injected Radiesse 3 month ago in my chin,Now i think i can even see it,and i think it's the white area in my chin in the picture,and it's Dispersion.Recently,the white area feels like little ant walking on the skin,but not always and often,just sometimes.,and I also think they are getting gather.So i wanna ask some questions for this.If anyone know about this ,please help me.THANKS VERY MUCH!!!
1.If Radiesse injected superficially,Can it absorb?
2.Will it become harder and harder day by day?
3.I wanna kow what the white area is,or how are they formed.If it's Radiesse,which layer are they Exist?
Radiesse should metabolize and disappear within 18 to 24 months. As it is replaced by your own collagen matrix you should continue to see some of the 'correction' persist.
but I can see it,too superficially,I am very worried me ta bolize

I feel that those samll grain???

When I hard massage?I feel that those samll grain??because my skin very thin?This situation can metabolize???I'm scared?

I feel that those samll grain

..I'm scared

I'm afraid

when I touch there hardly,I can feel the little grain.
Any updates, Wayne123? Hope you are doing MUCH BETTER!
It looks like calcium deposits from your ct scan..
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