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So far im not impressed it has been over 5 weeks...

so far im not impressed it has been over 5 weeks and my face is still noticably red and my scars from acne are all still there. i just want the redness to go away then i will just be happy to have my old face back.

hello, I had a fraxel repair done over 5 weeks ago, i had it done to both cheeks because of acne scars. my face is still very noticably red i was woundering if that was normal. and in the areas where he jacked up the lazers where the scars were deeper is very red still. you can see the lines from where he used the lazer. is this normal? what can i do or use to get rid of this redness?


How is your skin today? Do you still have the laser lines?
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Yet, after 5 weeks and the laser being ablative, you should see some improvement in your scars. What kind of scars are they (hollow, hypertrophic, icepick, coloured) ? Hope you've seen an improvement by now.
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Yes it is normal to be red for a few months. It depends on how senstive and fair your skin is and how aggressive of a treatment the doc did. If you only had your cheeks done there will be a difference between the treated are and the untreated area for a while. I would have hoped your doctor would have explained this to you. It takes months to see collagen to produce and soften your scars. Be patient. Good luck.
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