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I have acne scars; not serious but enough that it...

I have acne scars; not serious but enough that it was noticeable.I had the procedure done almost 2wks ago.I still see the scaring but hope for the best.

Only the people that know I got it done seem to make comments on my skin, so it's hard to know if there really is a difference. I will determine if I will do it again by my before and after pictures. I hope the scars lessen each and every day. Maybe it doesnt seem like there is a difference because I am so focused on seeing them gone.


Hi Grande,

Thanks for the review. Did you have before pictures taken so you could see results? Also I have heard that it sometimes takes more than one procedure, did your doctor say anything about that? Please keep us updated.



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It's been about 2mths since my first procedure,...

It's been about 2mths since my first procedure, and I believe that I am seeing an improvement. Although the scars are still noticeable my skin does seem to be smoother...almost as if the scars are 'filling' in. I go for my second procedure tomorrow, and hope to have more improvements. Seeing the pics before my first procedure and the pics they take tomorrow will definately allow me to see the improvements. I'll try to get some pics too :)

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They were very pleasent and explained everything that was to be expected.

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