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Retin-A 0.05% - Ontario, ON

Ok i got it for free from a doctor in the islands....

ok i got it for free from a doctor in the islands. your skin either breaks out more then heal or it starts right away, i live in canada, i only use it when i break out then stop. but it works, i use it in the night an 100% coconut oil in the morning and a humidifier at night weither its summer or winter it clears up my skin... cocnut oil is real good for all skin types, it rich in oxidients an is one of the worlds oldest remedies.

When you use the Retin-A do you spot treat the breakout, or put it over your entire face?

Also, I'm not very familiar with coconut oil. What is the consistency like?

i get coconut oil from a store called oceans in toronto, its from the island, some bottles say from trinidad an some say jamica, when oil is cold its white an when warm its light yellow, an it will say pure coconut oil, an yes i do spot treatments,

I'm glad you posted this. I assumed that Retin-a shouldn't be used as a spot treatment for some reason, so after reading you were doing this I did a quick search to make sure it was ok for you. Turns out it is from what the board certified doctors shared on this Q&A:

Can Retin a Be Applied Only on the Acne Scars & Not on the Whole Face?

Thanks for helping me learn about this. :)

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