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I have looked at many helpful reviews and now I am...

I have looked at many helpful reviews and now I am deciding to write one of my own. I am a teenager and I am scheduled to get my aligners tomorrow! I am so nervous, I hope it isn't to painful and that the buttons aren't to visible! I need 17 trays for the top and bottom, to fix crowding on the bottom, an over bite and a gap in my front teeth. I am doing this because my dentist recommended invisalign and said I would be a good candidate. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Alright, gotta check - do you have them now?? How is day 1 so far??

Yeah, I am excited and also a bit nervous! I will be sure to write how my first week goes! :)

Invisalign tomorrow?!! That is exciting!! You may have noticed when you were reading the reviews, but it seems most people say the 1st week is the hardest, so if it seems really bad when you first start just try to keep that in mind.

I'll be looking forward to hearing how you are doing when you get your Invisalign! :)


I got my aligners ta few days ago. I only need 6...

I got my aligners ta few days ago. I only need 6 buttons on my teeth and most are in the back so it isn't visible at all!There is no pain, just some pressure but it doesn't bother me that much. It will be a challenge to get used to brushing all the time but I am hoping it will be worth it! I hope I like the results!
yeah I have had them for a few days now, and it really isn't that bad! They really aren't that visible and its just pressure, it isn't painful either! It is going well so far!

Glad to hear you were able to adjust to them ok. Are you finding that you snack a lot less due to the hassle of having to take them in & out?


I have completed all my 17 aligners. My teeth have...

I have completed all my 17 aligners. My teeth have changed so much during these 17 aligners! They look great, the space is closed in the front and my teeth aren't crowded on the bottom anymore! There was still minor things that need to be fixed with refinements. I need 5 refinement sets and then I should be done! My teeth look amazing now, and I would for sure recommend this to everybody! Sure, it's hard to get used to brushing your teeth all the time but it has helped my teeth to become whiter! It wasn't that painful either, it just feels like pressure on your teeth for the first few days you change the aligner but other than that you don't even notice your wearing it! Another thing is that MANY people didnt even realize I was wearing anything on my teeth until I took it out to eat!
So if you think Invisalign is for you, I say to give it a try. I know I tried it and I am really glad I did because otherwise my teeth wouldn't look like they do today!
It was definitely worth it! :)
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