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I am 5 days post op and i feel like i look worse...

i am 5 days post op and i feel like i look worse now then before my mini. i look pregnant. i thought i was supposed to look better. i am swollen above my belly button its like baby belly and hard yet mushy all at the same time. i did have laser lipo done too. is this suppose to look like this. i am beginning to regret having it done, i was supposed to feel better about my self not worse. some body please help !


It is normal to have the lipoed area feel hard and lumpy and swollen. It will get better. Total results will not be until 6 months. Give it some time.
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Post after pics so we can see how swollen you are, look at mine and compare. Might make you feel better.
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Oh crud! I'm sorry you're feeling this way 5 days out. I'm sure you're still pretty swollen from the surgery. Have you talked to your surgeon about what you're going through? You definitely want to rule out a seroma.

You might want to post a question (with a photo) to doctors here on RealSelf and see what their take is.

Let us know how you're doing!

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